Super Creator Planner

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  • Content Ideas Collection
  • Content Batching for any Social Media (Mobile + Desktop version)
  • Script form’s Template for X (Twitter), Instagram and YouTube
  • Content Workflows & Tracker
  • Content Calendar, Planning & Scheduling

Super Creator Planner is your content creator companion. With our Notion template, you can note down ideas, organize content, and track your workflow effortlessly, all from your smartphone. No more hassle—now your creativity can thrive anywhere, anytime you want!

Creative Focus Modes

But hey, enter Creative Focus Modes! Now, you’ve got the power to pick the perfect mode for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. No more cookie-cutter content. Each piece speaks the platform’s language and captures hearts.

Millions of Content Ideas and Creative Tools

Get ready to refill that creative tank! Super Content Machine drops you in an idea wonderland with millions of possibilities. And those creative tools? They’re like a magic wand that breaks those creative blocks into tiny pieces.

Pro Notion Templates and User-Friendly Dashboard

That’s where our Pro Notion templates and friendly dashboard swoop in to save the day. We’re talking easy-peasy planning and tracking, so you can skip the chaos and spend more time doing what you do best – creating killer content.

Custom Modes for Each Platform

But guess what? Our secret weapon, Creative Focus Modes, has got your back! For Twitter’s bite-sized brilliance, Instagram’s eye-catching visuals, and YouTube’s deep-diving discussions – we’ve got modes tailored for each one.


What’s Inside :

  1. Content Ideas Collection
  2. Content Batching for any Social Media (Mobile + Desktop version)
  3. Script form’s Template for X (Twitter), Instagram and YouTube
  4. Content Workflows & Tracker
  5. Content Calendar, Planning & Scheduling

Bonus : 4x Content Ideas & Resources

What you will get?

  1. Ideas Box (Mobile)
  2. Super Creator Planner (Mobile)
  3. Super Content Machine (Desktop)

Who this is it Perfect for?

  • Newbie Creators – Still confused about where and how to create content.
  • Creator Pro + Influencer – Want to dominate social media and reach even more audiences with various types of content to produce.
  • Affiliate Marketer – Looking to promote affiliate products through content for free.
  • Business Owner + Solo Founder – Want to build personal branding, attract high-quality audiences, and sell your business to them.
  • Blogger & YouTuber – Ready to dive into social media and repurpose your content into multiple versions and formats.
  • For YOU – Yes, you! Do you want to make money by simply playing around on social media.



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